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About Axie Mixer resources

This page describes two ways to store texture files used by the Axie Mixer: on a CDN or locally.

Host resources on a CDN

Unlike normal Spines, Axie Mixer does not use resources from a texture file but from many different textures combined. Because the number of Axies is relatively large and the parts are also diverse, if each Axie generates a texture file, it's difficult to control how big the file is.

The solution is to split the parts and host them on the Axie CDN. For example, if you want to take a body wetdog of a beast Axie with yellow color, the CDN link is as follows:

Respectively, the CDN root path of the Axie Mixer is as follows:

Self-host resources

CDN usage is good for heavy workloads, but going to the CDN to download the textures is quite heavy. A suggested solution is to download the Axie Mixer's resources and store them locally. To access a resource, you can use the relative path.

Download the Axie Mixer resources.

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