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About Ronin Wallet Referral program


Through the Ronin Wallet Referral program, an app developer can earn commissions by encouraging users to connect their crypto wallets to the developer's app.

Here's how it works. The developer first needs to integrate with Ronin Wallet using the Sky Mavis Account service. The service tracks when a user connects their wallet to the app, and attributes the wallet to the app. After the user's wallet is linked to the app, the developer earns a part of the commission for every transaction made from that wallet. To be eligible for commission, the referral must meet the rules described on this page.


The Ronin Wallet Referral program is open only to approved partner developers. To become an approved partner, fill out the form on the Ronin chain website > Build on Ronin, or the Axie Builders program website > Apply to builders program.

About the referral flow

The following diagram shows how the developer of an app called Game A can earn referral commission through the Ronin Wallet Referral program.

NoYesAccountlinked withwallet?NoYesSign in with Sky MavisAccount?Sky Mavis Account links wallet and stores wallet linking data with game ASystem checks if wallet referral is accounted for game ADownload game ASign in with game A's account systemUse Ronin Walletto scan QR and link accountEndStart

Here's a breakdown of each step in the flow:

  1. The user downloads Game A.
  2. The user authenticates by signing in to an account, either their Sky Mavis Account or an in-game account (see step 3).
  3. The user signs in to Game A using the in-game account system.
  4. If the user's wallet is already linked with the Sky Mavis Account, the user doesn’t have to do anything and the flow ends here. Otherwise, continue to step 5.
  5. The user authenticates their wallet by scanning a QR code using the Ronin Wallet app or extension, and signing a message afterwards. If the message is signed, move to step 6.
  6. The Sky Mavis Account service links the wallet with the user's account and stores info about this link in Game A's database.
  7. Game A receives a revenue share subject to referral rules. This completes the flow.

In step 6, if the user connects the wallet to an app using their Sky Mavis Account, the service can track the following data points:

Connection timeAppWallet address
June 16, 2023Game AOx123...321

Using these data points, Sky Mavis can attribute the wallet address 0x123...321 to Game A and calculate the revenue share from this wallet to the game.

About referral rules

Whether a wallet referral generates a commission share is determined by the following rules:

  • Wallets are only attributed to the first app the user connects to.

Example: The wallet 0x123…321 is already connected to another app, such as Game B. In this case, Game A doesn't get a revenue share because the first app to which the wallet is connected is Game B.

  • Only wallets without previous transactions are eligible for referrals.

Example: The wallet 0x123…321 already has a history of transactions, both receivable and payable. In this case, Game A doesn't earn commissions. A successful wallet referral requires a wallet without previous transactions at the moment of linking.

  • Referrals remain active for a limited period of time (from 5 to 10 years), and they differ from app to app.

About the commission

Commission rate

Typically, commissions range between 1% and 4%. The specific rate is negotiated between Sky Mavis and each app developer individually.

Viewing commission

Sky Mavis plans to release a program dashboard soon. Until then, we will share data reports directly with app developers.

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