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Mavis Market


Mavis Market is a generalized NFT marketplace where anyone can buy, sell, and showcase NFTs. With smart contracts deployed on the Ronin network, the marketplace represents a powerful tool for game developers. If you’re interested in launching and listing your NFT collection on Ronin, this documentation is the place to start.

Integration flow

The process of listing an NFT collection on Mavis Market involves these steps:

NFT workflow

The process begins when you submit an application with the details of your project. If your application is approved, Sky Mavis contacts you for more information.

After that, you follow the guide to list the collection on the marketplace—from creating a smart contract for testnet deployment to launching the collection on the mainnet.

Fees and royalties

Each time an NFT is sold and resold on the Mavis Market, the creator receives a royalty payment, and the seller bears several fees associated with the transaction.

For more information, see Fees and royalties.

Next steps

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