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This page provides answers to frequently asked questions for creators and end users of Mavis Market.


1. How do I upload my NFTs to the marketplace?

If you're ready to bring your NFT project to life, fill out the form. If your application is selected, our team will guide you through the process of creating and uploading your NFTs. We believe in supporting creators every step of the way, from the initial concept to the final listing.

2. How do royalties work?

When listing NFTs on Mavis Market, the creators set a royalty amount that is paid to them every time their NFT is resold on the marketplace. This amount is set as a percentage of the sale price and is handled by a smart contract that automatically calculates and distributes the payment to the creator's designated wallet address each time the NFT is resold.

For example, a 10% royalty fee on an NFT sold for $1,000 would generate $100 for you every time the NFT is resold.

For more information about royalties, see Fees and royalties.

3. What is the difference between listing a collection and joining the launchpad?

When you list your collection on Mavis Market, it means your project's primary sales may have already occurred on other platforms or even joined our Mavis Launchpad for a primary sale. This may involve minting NFTs and distributing them through methods such as airdrops or rewards via your platform. If your project resides on other blockchain networks, migrating it to Ronin provides the path for your NFT collection to flourish on Mavis Market.

After listing, we showcase your NFT project on our platform, and users can start buying, selling, transferring, or making offers.

As for the Mavis Launchpad, it's a product designed to empower creators in minting their collections. The launchpad lets creators mint NFTs for the first time, allowing them to sell their collections to the community. Using the launchpad, you can launch your collection on a first-come-first-serve basis or through mystery boxes, each with its unique mechanics:

  • First-come-first-serve basis: Users can mint NFTs from a collection until the supply runs out.
  • Mystery boxes: Users can purchase a mystery box that contains a random NFT from the collection. Each box contains NFTs of varying types and prices.

4. What are the criteria Sky Mavis uses to select projects for listing?

We have a specific preference for gaming NFT projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Social community: social community size and engagement.
  • Team quality: the quality of your project team.
  • Art quality: the artistic quality of your work.
  • Project quality: the overall quality of your project.
  • NFT use cases: the utility of your NFTs.
  • Launches on other marketplaces: your track record of successfully launching on other NFT marketplaces.

End users

1. What fees do sellers incur when selling NFTs?

When selling NFTs on Mavis Market, the seller incurs the following fees:

  • Creator fee: a percentage of the sale price set by the creator. This fee compensates the creator for their work. On average, creator fees on Mavis Market range from 0% to 10%.
  • Service fee that itself includes the following:
    • Sky Mavis fee: a fixed 2% fee charged by Sky Mavis, the platform operator, for building and maintaining the marketplace.
    • Ronin fee: A fixed 0.5% fee charged by the Ronin network to reward the owners of the network—RON holders, delegators, and validators. This fee goes directly to the Ronin Treasury.

For more information about the fees, see Fees and royalties.

2. How do I buy or sell an NFT on the marketplace?

To start buying or selling an NFT on Mavis Market, visit the listing of your choice. From there, select the desired action—buy or sell— and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

3. What payment methods does Mavis Market accept?

When buying assets on the marketplace, buyers have the option to pay with RON, AXS, SLP, WETH, and USDC. Sellers receive payments in RON.

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