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About fees and merchant revenue


When you sell items on Mavis Store, you pay a platform fee and a payment method fee. This page explains how these fees are calculated and how your revenue is determined.


Platform fee

Mavis Store charges a fixed 5% platform fee on every order processed through our platform. This fee covers the costs associated with providing and maintaining the platform, including infrastructure, development, marketing, and customer support.

Payment method fee

The payment method fee depends on the payment method used by the buyer. The fees are as follows:

  • Crypto: 0.5% (goes to Ronin community treasury)
  • Fiat: 4% - 6.5% (varies depending on the fiat payment provider)

This fee covers the costs associated with processing payments and ensuring secure transactions.

Merchant revenue

Your revenue (R) is calculated as follows:

R = 100% - 5% (platform fee) - x% (payment method fee)

For example, if you sell an item for $100 and the buyer pays with crypto, your revenue would be:

R = $100 - $5 (platform fee) - $0.5 (payment method fee) = $94.50

Refer to the following diagram for a visual representation of the fee structure:

Fiat payment fee100%order valuepaid by buyer Mavis Store fee100% - X% - 5%order valuegoes to merchantCrypto payment fee4% - 6.5%varies bypayment method0.5%goes to RoninTreasury share

Merchant payment schedule

All sales proceeds from transactions on Mavis Store are initially held in Sky Mavis’s wallet. After deducting the platform fees and payment method fees, the net amount is transferred to your merchant account. The transfer occurs every 30 days, following the reconciliation of the total sales amount.

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