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Mavis Store


Mavis Store ( is an online marketplace where game developers can sell their in-game items to players. This includes both on-chain or off-chain items. Mavis Store offers competitive pricing and familiar payment options to make buying items easy for players.

This documentation is for game studios interested in selling items on Mavis Store. We use the term "merchant" throughout to refer to you, the seller.


Integration options

Merchants can list and sell items on Mavis Store through two main options: basic integration and advanced integration.

Basic integration

The basic integration offers a quick way to start selling your items on Mavis Store. All you need to do is register as a merchant, list your items, and implement two API features in your server: user verification and order delivery.

For more information, see About integration options.

Advanced integration

Go for the advanced integration to personalize which items you show to each player based on specific criteria you defined, such as player rank, game progress, or anything else. With this option, you can also verify item availability before accepting payment, and cancel orders.

For more information, see About integration options.

Next steps

Register as a merchant

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