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Mavis Store


Mavis Store ( is an online marketplace where game developers can sell their in-game items to players, including both on-chain or off-chain items. Mavis Store offers competitive pricing and familiar payment options to make buying items easy for players.


This documentation is intended for game developers and creators who are interested in selling items on Mavis Store. Throughout the documentation, we refer to you, the seller, as the "merchant."

When a purchase is made on Mavis Store, the store sends the order information to the merchant’s backend system. The merchant is then responsible for distributing the purchased item to the user.


  • Create on-chain and off-chain items in a user-friendly interface.
  • List, delist, and categorize items.
  • Manage inventory and control stock levels.
  • Create and run private sales for specific customer groups.
  • Verify buyers and deliver items through straightforward API integration.

Integration process

  1. Register as a merchant to have your store created.
  2. Integrate with Mavis Store API to set up the flows for user verification and order delivery.
  3. Add items to your store using the CMS.
  4. Optionally, set up private sales for targeted customer groups.

Next steps

Register as a merchant

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