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This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about Mavis Store.


What is Mavis Store?

Mavis Store is an online marketplace where game developers can sell both on-chain and off-chain in-game items to players. Example items include skins, weapons, and other virtual goods.

Does minting happen on Mavis Store?

No, Mavis Store doesn't facilitate minting. If you’re looking to mint NFTs, you can launch a new NFT collection on Mavis Launchpad.

How is Mavis Store different from Mavis Launchpad and Mavis Market?

Mavis Store is an online marketplace for game developers to sell in-game items to players. Mavis Launchpad is a platform for minting NFTs for the first time, also known as primary sales. Mavis Market is a marketplace where players can trade existing NFTs, referred to as secondary sales.

If you launched an NFT collection on Mavis Launchpad, you can list it on Mavis Market for players to trade after the minting process is complete.

What fees do merchants incur when selling items on Mavis Store?

When selling items on Mavis Store, merchants incur the following fees:

  • Platform fee: a fixed 5% fee charged by Mavis Store for building and maintaining the marketplace.
  • Payment method fee: a fee that varies depending on the payment method used by the buyer. For example, if the buyer pays with crypto, the payment method fee is 0.5%.

For more information, see About fees and merchant revenue.

How is merchant revenue calculated?

Merchant revenue (R) is calculated as follows:

R = 100% - 5% (platform fee) - x% (payment method fee)

For example, if you sell an item for $100 and the buyer pays with crypto, your revenue would be:

R = $100 - $5 (platform fee) - $0.5 (payment method fee) = $94.50

For more information, see About fees and merchant revenue.

What happens if the user pays for an item but it’s not delivered?

If the user has paid for an item but it's not delivered, the user can file a claim on the website. The claim will be reviewed by the support team, and the user will be refunded if the claim is valid.

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