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MavisPay lets you receive payments directly on the Ronin blockchain, without intermediaries or complexities.

This documentation is for game studios, creators, and anyone looking for a frictionless payment experience. We use the term "merchant" throughout to refer to you.


Key features

  • MavisPay provides an easy checkout experience and handles the wallet connection as well as processing and validating payments on the blockchain.
  • MavisPay is integrated with Katana. This allows the customer to choose the currency they want to pay with, and the merchant—the currency they wish to receive. A customer can pay with AXS and the merchant ultimately receives USDC.
  • Updates about a MavisPay payment are sent to the merchant's backend server via webhook calls.

Get access

MavisPay is not generally available. If you wish to get access, speak to your partner manager at Sky Mavis.

If access is granted, an engineer from our Ecosystem team will get in touch to walk you through the setup and integration process.

Next steps

Integrate with the MavisPay API

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