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About trusted domain system


The Ronin's trusted domain system defines different levels of trust for dApps depending on the developer's reputation.

When a Ronin Wallet user makes a transaction with a dApp, a special trust badge in the transaction confirmation dialog informs the user of potential risks of interacting with the dApp.


Mavis dApps are projects built and deployed by Sky Mavis or Ronin. Users can can feel safe interacting with these dApps.

Mavis dApps are highlighted with a yellow badge.


Mavis’s friends

Mavis' friends dApps are projects built by business partners of Sky Mavis or Ronin. Although these dApps are trustworthy, Sky Mavis cannot guarantee the safety when users are interacting with these dApps.

Mavis' friends dApps are highlighted with a blue badge.



Unknown dApps that users should visit them with caution. These dApps are highlighted with a question mark.

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