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Rate limits


Requests to Sky Mavis APIs are rate-limited. A rate limit is the number of API requests an app can make within a given time period.

If the rate limit is exceeded, then subsequent requests fail and the API returns a HTTP 429 status code with the following body:

{ "message": "API rate limit exceeded" }

Rate limit can be increased for some APIs.

View current rate limits

You can view your current rate limits in Developer Console > your app > Rate limit.

Request a rate limit increase

Depending on the Sky Mavis API you use, you may be able to request a rate limit increase.

There are three rate limit tiers:

  • Basic (default)
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

While any app can be upgraded from Basic to the Intermediate tier, the Advanced tier is only available to projects that signed a partnership agreement with Sky Mavis, or to outstanding community projects.

If your usage of a Sky Mavis API is more than half of the current tier, you can increase the limit as follows:

  1. On the Rate limit tab, find the API for which you want to increase the rate limit, and then click Upgrade.

  2. Select the tier you need, and click Next.

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