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Sky Mavis API reference

Welcome to the Sky Mavis API reference. Use this documentation to send requests to a Sky Mavis API, such as Skynet REST API, Ronin JSON-RPC API, AXP API, and many more.


Sky Mavis APIs require an API key for authentication. To get your API key, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Developer Console.
  2. Select your app. If you haven't created one, follow the steps in Get started.
  3. On the Information tab, locate the Key field. This is your API key.

For more information, see Authentication.

Base URL

The base URL for making API requests to Sky Mavis services is as follows:

Rate limits

Sky Mavis APIs are subject to rate limits. For details on specific rate limits and instructions on upgrading your limit, visit this page:

Status codes

Sky Mavis APIs may return different status codes. For details on specific status codes and their meanings, visit this page:

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