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This guide shows to get started as a developer: create an account, create an app to get your API key, and request access to services and APIs you need.

Create an account

Your first step is creating a developer account on the Sky Mavis Developer Portal. A developer account gives you access to the Developer Console—the central place for managing your app and services you use.

  1. Open the Developer Console.
  2. Enter your email or use the social login to sign up.
  3. Enter the verification code sent to your email.
  4. Optionally, complete a short survey.

Your Sky Mavis developer account is ready to use.

Create and set up your app

After you create your developer account, the next step is to create an app in Developer Console to get your API key.

  1. On the Applications page, click Create application, enter the same name as your project, and then click Create. The app is created.

  2. Open the app and locate the API key on the Information tab. This is the key you use to authenticate requests to Sky Mavis APIs.

  3. Fill out the basic info: on the Information tab, click Edit, and enter the basic information about your app including a logo. This information is used across any Sky Mavis services with which you integrate. For example, if you use the Sky Mavis Account service, then this information is displayed to the users when they sign in to your app with their Sky Mavis accounts for the first time.

  4. Click Save.

This completes your app's setup.

Request access to services

Sky Mavis offers a range of services that enhance your integration experience and provide additional features for your users. To access these services, you need to make a request through the Developer Console. This guide uses the Sky Mavis Account service as an example, but the process is the same for any service that requires an access request.

  1. Go to Developer Console > your app > App Permission.

  2. Find the service which you want to access, and then click Request Access.

  3. Fill out the form and submit the request.

If your request is approved, the service appears under PRODUCTS and is ready for configuration.

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