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Ronin RPC


The Ronin RPC (remote procedure call) services are built to power any web3 application on Ronin that needs a reliable source of blockchain data. Using the RPC services, developers don't have to set up and maintain their own Ronin nodes to interact with the blockchain.


Ronin RPC includes the following services:

  • JSON-RPC API: a collection of APIs that can be used to make requests to a Ronin node to perform certain actions, such as sending a transaction or retrieving a wallet’s balance. The node receives a request, processes it by executing the corresponding method, and returns a response to the client.
  • Ronin WebSockets: an implementation of a WebSocket protocol that allows clients to subscribe to real-time updates on Ronin, instead of continuously making HTTP requests for specific information.
  • Ronin Archive Node: a service to query historical data on Ronin, such as past transactions, activities, and balances.

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