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This page lists known issues and solutions for developers making RPC calls to the Ronin blockchain. If you encounter an issue that is not listed here, contact us.

Issues and solutions

Underpriced transaction using Ethers.js v5


An underpriced transaction occurs when sending a transaction using Ethers.js v5 without explicitly providing the gasPrice and type fields. This applies to transactions sent after the Ronin hardfork scheduled on July 3, 2024, which enables the London hardfork. After the hardfork, Ethers.js v5 will choose to create a dynamic fee transaction (EIP 1559) with gasTipCap = gasFeeCap = 1.5 GWei (see GitHub).


Error when calling debug_traceBlockByNumber


An error occurs when calling the debug_traceBlockByNumber method through the archive endpoint

"message": "Method is not whitelist: debug_traceBlockByNumber"

This is an expected behavior as the method debug_traceBlockByNumber is disabled for performance reasons.


  • Consider using other node providers, such as Chainstack.
  • Make requests using the standard RPC endpoint
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