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This page outlines the initial steps for integrating your game with the MPC Solution:

  • Get permission to use the MPC service.
  • Request access to the Sky Mavis Account service.
  • Register the addresses of the smart contracts that the game needs to interact with. Interactions with non-registered smart contracts are automatically rejected by the system.
  • Implement the flow that enables users to sign in to the game using their Sky Mavis accounts, so that you capture the users' access tokens.


Create and set up your app in the Developer Console.

Step 1. Request access to MPC

Making requests to the MPC service requires permission. To obtain this permission, speak to your Sky Mavis partner engineer.

Step 2. Request access to Sky Mavis Account

During the MPC process, your game makes a request to the Sky Mavis Account service to acquire the user's access token. The Account service requires permission. Follow these steps to obtain this permission:

  1. Open the Developer Console.
  2. Select your game and then open the App Permission tab.
  3. Locate the Sky Mavis Account service and click Request Access.
  4. Provide a brief explanation of why you require access to the service, and then click Submit request.

After your request is approved, Sky Mavis Account appears as OAuth 2.0 in the PRODUCTS section. For more information about the initial OAuth 2.0 configuration, see Configure OAuth 2.0 settings.

Step 3. Register your smart contracts

According to our transaction policy, developers must register the addressess of the smart contracts with which the game needs to interact. The system automatically rejects calls to non-registered smart contracts.

To register your smart contracts, contact

For more information, see Transaction policies.

Step 4. Implement sign-in with Sky Mavis Account

To create an MPC wallet for the user and initiate transactions, your game needs to make API requests on behalf of the user. To do so, you need to capture the user's access token. This access token is returned by the Sky Mavis Account service, our OAuth 2.0 provider, after the user signs in to your game or app using their Sky Mavis account.

For more information about integrating your project with Sky Mavis Account, see Integration guide for OpenID Connect authentication.

Next steps

Install and initialize the MPC SDK

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