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MPC Solution


Welcome to the MPC Solution's documentation for developers.

The MPC Solution is a suite of client-side SDKs designed for integrating Web3 functionality into your game or app. With the MPC Solution, empower your players to create wallets, make payments, trade, buy and sell items—all without leaving the game environment.

Key features:

  • Simplified wallet creation: Users can set up and control their wallets using basic authentication methods, eliminating the need to memorize complex seed phrases.
  • Native MPC integration: Unity SDK and JavaScript SDK that let you embed wallet creation and transaction signing into your game for a consistent user experience.
  • Effortless asset transfer: Empower players to trade, exchange, and transfer assets effortlessly between addresses, all without leaving the game environment.
  • Syncing across devices: Users can sign in to their MPC wallet on a different platform and get access to their digital assets right away.
  • Simplified recovery: In case of lost or compromised devices, users can restore their MPC wallets through social recovery mechanisms without relying on private keys.
  • Shared control: Multiple parties can participate in approving transactions, providing a collaborative approach to managing digital assets.
  • Transaction policies: Set of requirements that must be met before transacting, such as the ability to interact only with smart contracts that you register with Sky Mavis beforehand.

Explore MPC in demo apps

Use our demo apps to explore the key features of MPC and get a feel for how it can benefit your own project:

Integration journey

Learn more about the steps toward integrating your game with the MPC Solution.

Request permission and register your smart contracts

First, request permission to use the MPC service by contacting Sky Mavis. After that, go to the Developer Console and request access to the Sky Mavis Account service. Then, register the smart contracts you need to interact with, as part of our transaction policy.

Implement sign-in with Sky Mavis Account

Integrate with the Sky Mavis Account service so that users can log in to your app using their Sky Mavis accounts. This way, you can acquire the user's access token that's required for most MPC operations.

Install and configure the SDK

The MPC Solution offers two SDK clients: the Unity SDK, designed for game development, and the JavaScript SDK, suitable for web apps.

Implement MPC wallet creation and transaction sending

Follow the how-to guides to implement the key MPC features, such as wallet creation, transaction signing, and wallet backup and recovery. Code examples are available within each guide for hands-on implementation.

For comprehensive function descriptions, examples, and error codes, refer to the reference documentation.

Next steps

Follow Get started to request permissions to the services and register smart contracts in the allowlist.

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