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Search transactions



Search transactions.

Authorized access required.

To use this endpoint, you need to request access to the Skynet Tx Query service through Developer Console > your app > App Permissions. For more information, see Request access to services.




Request body

    address object
    from string

    Optional, searching for from equal to ...

    relateTo string

    Optional, searching for from or to equal to ...

    to string

    Optional, searching for to equal to ...

    block object

    The default search is by blockHash. If blockHash doesn't appear, then search for blockRange. Max allowed blockRange is 200.

    blockHash string

    Optional, searching for the exact block.

    blockRange integer[]

    Optional, searching for blocks from from to to. If from equals to, then search exactly by block number.

    paging object

    Only offset or cursor need to be present.

    cursor string
    limit integer

    Possible values: <= 200

    offset integer

    Possible values: <= 10000

    pagingStyle string

    Possible values: [cursor, offset]

    If pagingStyle is not cursor, then it's offset.

    sort object[]

    Possible values: <= 1

    Optional, valid sort fieldNames: timestamp

  • Array [
  • fieldName stringrequired
    order string
  • ]
  • txTypes string[]required

    Possible values: [transfer_ron], <= 1

    Optional, tx_type has only one accepted value: transfer_ron.



    items object[]
  • Array [
  • blockHash string
    blockNumber integer
    blockTime integer
    chainId string
    contractAddress string
    cumulativeGasUsed integer
    effectiveGasPrice string
    expiredTime integer
    from string
    gas integer
    gasPrice string
    gasUsed integer
    input string
    logs object[]
  • Array [
  • address integer[]
    blockHash integer[]
    blockNumber integer
    blockTime string
    data string
    logIndex integer
    logParam1 integer[]
    logParam2 integer[]
    logParam3 integer[]
    logTopic integer[]
    publishedTime string
    removed boolean
    transactionHash integer[]
    transactionIndex integer
  • ]
  • logsBloom string
    maxFeePerGas string
    maxPriorityFeePerGas string
    nonce integer
    payer string
    payerR string
    payerS string
    payerV string
    r string
    s string
    status integer
    to string
    transactionHash string
    transactionIndex integer
    type integer
    v string
    value string
  • ]
  • paging object
    nextCursor string
    total integer
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