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March 12, 2024


Smart contract verification

A section on veryfing a smart contract's source code using Foundry and Sourcify: Verify a smart contract.


Mavis Market

Changes in the Mavis Market NFT metadata standards document:

  • Added an explainer on the use of nested attributes.
  • Added a caution block on the use of the accepted key names in NFT metadata.
  • Clarified that developers can use numeric and string attributes when storing NFT metadata in a properties object.

For details, see Metadata standards.

Ronin Wallet

Changes in the explanation page about Ronin's Trusted Domain System:

  • Added a section on registering an app in the system.
  • Updated the screenshots for each trust level.

For details, see Trusted Domain System.


The guide on using the App Tracking's Unity SDK. The remaining option is to use the Trackign API: (/mavis/app-tracking/guides/tracking-api).