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Ronin developer documentation


Welcome to Ron documentation. This page contains general information you need to build and deploy your project on Ronin.

Developed by Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, Ronin is a blockchain built specifically for games. By supporting EVM-compatible smart contracts and protocols, Ronin enables developers to create feature-rich, high-performance blockchain projects.

Deployment on Ronin

Before diving deeper into Ronin's building parts, there are a few things you need to know about deployment on Ronin.

Anyone can start building and testing on Saigon-a public Ronin testnet. Everything from Ronin Wallet integration to smart contract deployment is open on Saigon. Most Sky Mavis dApps support the Saigon testnet.

The Ronin mainnet, however, is a permissioned blockchain, which means only certain parties can deploy on the mainnet. To deploy your project on the Ronin mainnet, you need to apply for our allowlist.

Building on Ronin

If you have worked with other EVM blockchains, such as Ethereum, you are ready to build on Ronin. All the tools you know on Ethereum should work out of the box on Ronin.

Get testnet RON

When testing your project, you can always acquire testnet RON through the Saigon testnet's faucet.

Next steps

Apply to deploy

Fill out the application form. If your app is a good match for Ronin, Sky Mavis will contact you for more information.

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