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Use deep links


To open your dApp’s URL directly within the mobile Ronin Wallet’s in-app browser, you can use a deep link. You can initiate a deep link from either a web app or a native app.

To configure a deep link, you need to create a URL that includes the roninwallet://in_app_browser?url=[your_url] format. This URL will open the Ronin Wallet's in-app browser and load the specified URL.


Encore the url parameter with the URL you want to open in the in-app browser. For example:

  • Original:
  • Encoded:

For both Android and iOS, replace the roninwallet:// prefix with to create a Universal/App Link. This format ensures compatibility across both platforms.

Full URL example


This format will work for both iOS and Android, allowing users to open the specified URL within the Ronin Wallet’s in-app browser seamlessly.

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