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August 3, 2023

This release brings a flurry of developer features to Ronin and introduces our revamped developer documentation site.


Ronin VRF

Ronin VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is now available to developers in our ecosystem. This creates the opportunity to experiment with random value generation backed by cryptographic proof.

For more information, see Integrate with Ronin VRF.

Ronin Wallet SDK

We removed the previous allowlist requirement for the Ronin Wallet Javascript SDK, and released a public version that will empower developers to tap into Ronin’s infrastructure and user base.

For more information, see Ronin Wallet JS SDK.

Ronin RPC services

  • JSON-RPC API: RPC methods that clients can use to make requests to the Ronin node to perform actions like sending a transaction or retrieving a wallet’s balance. This gives game developers the freedom to integrate blockchain data into the experiences they create for their users.
  • WebSockets: an implementation of a WebSocket protocol that enables you to subscribe to real-time updates on Ronin. Developers will no longer need to make manual HTTP requests when looking for specific information.
  • Archive Node: a Ronin archive node that unlocks the ability to query historical data on Ronin such as past transactions, activities, and balances.

For more information, see Ronin RPC.


Revamped developer documentation

We’ve migrated the website from ReadMe to Docusaurus—an open-source documentation site generator. This migration retains familiar sections like Docs, API, and Changelog while enabling our team to contribute to the documentation through a docs-as-code workflow.

The developer documentation layout has also been restructured using the Diataxis framework. This is a way to organize technical documentation that anticipates developers’ needs.

Together, these updates to our developer documentation make it easier than ever for developers to access the content they’re looking for and contribute to our ecosystem.

For more information, see Documentation structure.