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August 8, 2023

A new wallet version has been released for desktop (v1.26.0) and mobile (v1.14.0) clients.


Wallet domain whitelist

To make it easier to integrate Ronin wallet into dApps, we decided to remove the wallet domain whitelist. Instead we're moving to a combination of session management and trusted domain system.


Session management

Following the EIP-1102 standard, from now on the Ronin wallet extension won't expose the user's wallet and addresses by default. Developers have to call eth_requestAccounts to connect to the wallet and the user can select the addresses he wants to expose to the dApp or he can completely reject the request.

For an example of the updated request flow, see Get user's wallet addresses.

Trusted domain system

With the removal of the domain whitelist system, the trusted domain system, that was already introduced with wallet version v1.24.0 (desktop) and v1.13.0 (mobile), becomes an important feature of the wallet.

  • First party domains and apps, built by Sky Mavis receive a yellow badge.
  • Apps from our partners receive a blue badge. Altough these apps are trustworthy, Sky Mavis can't guarantee the safety when a user is interacting with them.
  • Unknown apps are highlighted with a question mark and users will be asked to be cautious.

For more information about the trusted domain system, see About trusted domain system.