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June 11, 2024

Mavis Account


A guide on calling an API that accepts a user's Mavis ID identifier and returns the user's profile information, including their username, Ronin Wallet address (if linked by the user), and Mavis ID (keyless) wallet address. For more information, see Retrieve user info and wallet addresses.


Reorganized the Mavis Account service documentation by "Account," "Wallet," and "User profile" categories. For more information, see Mavis Account.


  • The banner that indicated that the Mavis Account service was in a pilot phase.
  • The quickstart guide for OIDC, since it duplicated the contents of the oidc-quickstart GitHub repo anyway.

Mavis Market


Renamed the pages and updated the overviews in the following guides:

These changes better reflect the services offered to game studios by Mavis Market.



  • A guide for setting up the Mavis Market Discord bot, designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest sales and listings on Mavis Market. For setup instructions, see Mavis Market bot.
  • A guide for setting up the Ronin Raffle Discord bot, designed to et you host raffles for your community. With this bot, you can define the raffle, its time frame, and choose the Discord roles that can participate. For setup instructions, see Ronin Raffle bot.