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Mavis Market bot


The Mavis Market bot is a Discord bot designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest sales and listings on Mavis Market. With this bot, you can:

  • Receive instant updates about new sales for any collection on Mavis Market.
  • Get notified immediately about new listings for any collection on Mavis Market.
  • Add one or more listing or sales notifications for collections directly to your Discord server.

The bot checks for new sales and listings once every minute. New notifications might be delayed by up to one minute if the listing or sale occurs just after the bot completes its run.


A Discord server where you have the "Manage Server" permission. For more information, see Discord's Setting Up Permissions FAQ.


Step 1. Add the bot to your Discord server

  1. Join the Mavis Market Bot Discord server by clicking

  2. Select @Mavis Market Bot.

  3. Click the Add App button.

  4. Click Add to Server.

  5. Select the server where you want to add the bot, then click Continue.

  6. Review the permissions that the bot needs, then click Authorize.

Step 2. Set up notifications

Now that the bot has joined your server, it can use existing channels to post notifications, but you can also create new channels.

Typically, you want to create separate channels for sales and listings, but you can put them in one channel. For this example, we use two channels: #sales and #listings.

  1. To add a collection, enter the #sales channel and use the command /collection add.

  2. Search for the collection you want to add sales notifications for, and select Sales as the notification type.

    Collection address accepted

    You can also use the collection's address with the /collection add command, such as /collection add 0x1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef12345678.

  3. Send the command. The bot replies with a confirmation message:

  4. To view the active collections for the current channel, use /collection list.

  5. To remove a collection from the current channel, use /collection remove.

  6. To add listing notifications, repeat the process in your #listings channel, but select Listings as the notification type.


  1. How long does it take for the bot to see a new collection on Mavis Market and to make it selectable for notifications on my server?

    This process is done in real-time. The bot uses the Mavis Market API to fetch the latest collections. Start by typing /collection add and the collection should be available for selection.


If you encounter issues with the bot, you can ask for help on the Axie Infinity Discord server in the #tools-and-etc channel.

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