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Ronin Tipping bot


The Ronin Tipping bot is a Discord bot designed to let your community members send and receive small tips to show support and gratitude towards other users.

This page provides a step-by-step guide to setting up the Ronin Tipping bot on your Discord server.

Looking for end-user documentation?

This documentation is for Discord admins. If you're looking for information on how to use the Ronin Tipping bot as a Discord user, see the Ronin Tipping bot user guide.


A Discord server where you have the "Administrator" permission. For more information, see Discord's Setting Up Permissions FAQ.


Step 1. Add the bot to your Discord server

  1. Add the Ronin Tipping bot to your Discord server by clicking the Ronin Tipping bot link.

  2. Select the server where you want to add the bot, then click Continue.

  3. Review the permissions that the bot needs, then click Authorize.

  4. The bot is enabled in all channels by default, but you can restrict it to specific channels. To do this, go to Server Settings > Apps > Integrations > Mavis-Me > Channels, then turn off All Channels and add the channel you want the bot to work in. In this example, #tipping:

  5. Create an admin role for the bot, such as "Tipping Admin." The role can have any name, or you can use an existing role.

  6. Add this role to the /admin command overrides.

  7. Create a log channel for the bot and limit access to the "Tipping Admin" role and server admins. The log channel receives notifications about every tip and deposit, which may be considered sensitive information.

Step 2. Configure the bot

For all commands in this section, remove the quotes from the input values.

  1. Define the admin role by running the following command:

    /admin server set-admin-role "Tipping Admin"
  2. Define the log channel:

    /admin server set-admin-channel "bot_log_channel_name"
  3. By default, the tipping bot supports only the RON token. To add a new ERC20 token, run the following command:

    /admin token add "prefixed_token_address"

    The bot automatically fetches the token's metadata.

    Users can now deposit, tip, and withdraw the new token.

To remove a token:

/admin token remove

To list all tokens:

/admin token list


If you encounter issues with the bot, you can ask for help on the Axie Infinity Discord server in the #tools-and-etc channel.

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