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Webhooks (beta)

Beta version

The Webhooks service is in beta testing and is accessible to select community projects and Sky Mavis partners.


Webhooks are a powerful tool for developers to build real-time apps. They enable one app to automatically notify another app upon the occurrence of a specific event. Webhooks hold particular significance for blockchain apps because they can be used to listen for events such as transactions, address activities, and smart contract events. The Sky Mavis Developer Portal offers Webhooks as a free service. Developers can subscribe to listen to certain blockchain events and other services powered by Sky Mavis.

Use cases

Here are some examples of how webhooks can be used:

  • A wallet can use webhooks to notify users when they receive new funds.
  • A trading bot can use webhooks to trigger trades when certain market conditions are met.
  • A game studio that wants to know whenever there’s a transaction from their deployed smart contracts.

Next steps

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