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View API request analytics


This page describes how to use API metrics to track and understand your usage of Sky Mavis APIs.

Sky Mavis APIs produce detailed usage metrics that can help you:

  • Track and understand your usage of Sky Mavis APIs.
  • Monitor performance of your app and Sky Mavis APIs.
  • Discover problems between your app and Sky Mavis APIs.

The metrics that Sky Mavis APIs produce are the standard signals used to assess the health of a service. These metrics cover request counts, error rates, response times, and request throughput.

Monitor API usage in Developer Console

You can view API metrics in Developer Console > Request Analytics. The metrics are specific to your project, and they don't reflect the overall service status.

The Overview tab shows all your API usage, while the RPC Requests tab focuses on the RPC methods.

To see an overview of your API usage, open the Request Analytics page. The Overview tab is displayed by default, which includes the following metrics:

  • *Overview: the total number of requests made by your app, requests that resulted in errors, median response time, and the highest throughput.
  • *Request activities: charts displaying the total number of requests, their success rate, rate limit hits, and median response time.
  • *Recent responses: the list of 10 latest responses.

To view usage details for a specific service, click Services, and then select the service that you want to see. For usage of a specific route within a service, click Routes, and then select the route you want to see. For example, the /graphql/mavis-marketplace route is shown in the screenshot. You don't have to select a service to select a route—these filters can be used separately.

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