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Retrieve user info and wallet addresses


Your app can use the user's Mavis ID to retrieve their wallet addresses and profile information. The wallet addresses include the Mavis ID wallet address generated when the user signs up for Mavis ID, and the Ronin Wallet address linked by the user through the account dashboard. In the future, Sky Mavis plans to enable cross-app data sharing with user permission.

Protect your API key

This API endpoint requires an API key from the Developer Console and should be called from the backend (server-side) to protect your API key from being exposed and misused.



Form an HTTP GET request to the user profile endpoint with the user's Mavis ID.


curl --location '<userID>' \
--header 'X-Api-Key: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \
--header 'X-App-Id: <YOUR_APP_ID>'


  • <userID>: The Mavis ID of the user whose information you want to retrieve. For example, 1eda5fc0-76e1-6de4-8449-b3a0fde29125.
  • <YOUR_API_KEY>: Your API key from the Developer Console.
  • <YOUR_APP_ID>: Your app ID from the Developer Console.


"account.wallet.identity": "0x90b2b144e02c8ad301214190f063e06f74982505", // User's Mavis ID wallet address
"account.wallet.secondary": "0x6fda69632c0393c6f740323bd402993d933a7b2b", // User's Ronin Wallet address linked to the Mavis ID
"": "Lunacian", // User's name

The data returned by the API follows a structured format as <tenant>.<property>, where tenant indicates the origin and property points at the specific attribute. For example, the property wallet.identity in the account tenant refers to the user's Mavis ID wallet address.

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