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Mavis ID

Beta version

The Mavis ID service is in beta testing. This documentation is subject to change as the service evolves.


The Mavis ID lets developers use features such as player authorization, account creation, and in-app wallet interaction in mobile, desktop, and web games.

The service combines the account creation and authentication features of the Mavis Account service with the web3 functionalities of the MPC Solution service.

This provides a unified interface for developers to integrate single sign-on and web3 features into their projects.


  • Simplified user onboarding: streamlines user access with secure, straightforward account creation and authentication.
  • In-game transactions: facilitates direct transactions within the game, promoting a seamless in-game economy.
  • Immersive web3 experience: ensures players remain engaged without leaving the game environment and having to download additional apps.
  • Ecosystem integration: connects players with the broader Sky Mavis ecosystem, including Mavis Hub and Mavis Market.
  • Sponsored gas fees: covers the cost of transaction gas fees for players, removing the barrier to entry for new users.

Use cases

Mavis ID supports diverse functionalities within games:

  • NFT airdrops: distribute NFTs directly to player wallets.
  • Atia's Blessing: let players submit daily transactions to increase the amount of Moonshards they receive.
  • Gacha: implement random item drops or character selections.
  • Claim rewards: distribute rewards to players based on their in-game achievements.
  • Token interactions: support token approval, swapping, and transferring directly within the game.


Unity SDK

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