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List items (legacy)


This is legacy documentation used by existing Mavis Store clients. New users should refer to this guide: Manage items.


This guide describes how to list items in your store on the Mavis Store platform. After an item is listed, it's displayed among other items in your storefront and on its own item details page.

To list items, fill out the provided CSV template, then share the file with your Sky Mavis partner engineer.


Complete the steps in Register as a merchant.


  1. Download the CSV file template from Google Drive.
  2. Fill out the Item info tab according to the description of each field in the table that follows. item-info
Field nameTypeRequired or optional?Description
skuStringRequiredUnique alphanumeric ID of the item.
item_nameStringRequiredName of the item.
descriptionStringRequiredDescription of the item displayed on the item details page.
unit_priceFloatRequiredPrice of the item.
before_discount_priceFloatOptionalPrice of the item before discount.
currencyStringRequiredCurrency of the item's price. One of the following currencies:
  • Fiat: USD
  • Token: RON, USDC, AXS, SLP, WETH
tagStringOptionalSpecial tag of the item. For example: "Welcome bundle."
is_featuredBooleanOptionalDefines whether the item is featured on the merchant's store page. You can mark up to two items as featured. The default value is false.
is_personalizedBooleanOptionalDefines whether the item uses the advanced integration level. The default value is false.
image_linkStringRequiredURL of the primary image of the item:
additional_image_link_1StringOptionalURL of an additional image of the item:
additional_image_link_2StringOptionalURL of the second additional image of the item:
additional_image_link_3StringOptionalURL of the third additional image of the item:
unit_titleStringOptionalUnit of the item in your game. For example, gem for Axie Infinity Origins or Gas for Battle Bears.
unit_quantityIntegerOptionalQuantity of the units of the item that the buyer receives for the price paid.
unit_imageStringOptionalURL of the item's icon in the game.

Common requirements

The common requirements are requirements that apply to multiple fields in the preceding table.


When adding image URLs, ensure the following:

  • The image URL is a link to the main image of your item.
  • The image URL starts with http or https.

The image itself must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The image accurately displays the item.
  • The image is a JPEG or PNG file.

Next steps

Integrate with Mavis Store API

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