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Install Ronin Wallet SDK


This guide explains how to install the Ronin Wallet JavaScript SDK for accessing Ronin Wallet features.

Before you start

Before you install the SDK, make sure you have the following:

Install the Ronin Wallet SDK

From you project directory, install the SDK using yarn or npm:

yarn add @roninnetwork/wallet-sdk
npm install --save @roninnetwork/wallet-sdk 

Initialize the SDK

  1. In your project's script, import the SDK:
import { WalletSDK } from "@roninnetwork/wallet-sdk"
  1. Create a new WalletSDK instance:
const walletSdk = new WalletSDK(options)

Congratulations, you successfully imported and created a Ronin Wallet SDK instance.

For a full list of options, see Ronin Wallet JS SDK.

Next steps

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