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Error tracking and debugging


The MPC SDK provides an optional error tracking API. Users can consent to allow Sky Mavis servers to track errors and failed transactions for MPC improvement.

Function timeout

Sets the maximum amount of time an MPC SDK function call is allowed to execute before being considered unsuccessful.

timeoutNumberTimeout in seconds.

This example sets the timeout to 60 seconds:

const timeout: Number = 60 // Timeout is 60 seconds

User data tracking

Allows Sky Mavis servers to track success and failure rates of transactions for debugging and evaluation purposes. This data is anonymized and only the rates are collected.

enableBooleanEnables or disables data tracking.
timeoutNumberTimeout of the Tracking API in seconds.

This example enables data tracking with a 3-second timeout:

import { ITrackParams, MpcCore, MpcProviders } from "@axieinfinity/mpcjs"

const trackParams: ITrackParams = {
enable: true,
timeout: 3,

Log control

Enables or disables verbose logging from the server and client. Use this only in development environments.

optionalParamsBooleanEnables or disables verbose logging. Disabled by default.

This example sets verbose logging to true (enabled) or false (disabled):

let optionalParams = true // Enable verbose log
optionalParams = false // Disable verbose log
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